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Featured essays:

"Putting Ourselves Out of Business: Implications of Levinas for Psychology"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"The Psychotic Dr. Schreber"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"The Psychology-Rhetoric
Relationship: A Brief Historical Sketch"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"Emotion, Movement, and Psychological Space"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"Spirit and Soul in the Therapeutic Relationship"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"Reflections on Being a Psychotherapist"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"The Paranoid-Schizoid and Depressive Positions in the Psychogenesis of the Self"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"Madness and Liberation:
Journey to Cader Idris"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"Phenomenology, Psychology, Science and History"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"A Story of Children's Stories"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"A Brief History of Psychoanalytic Thought"
by Brent Dean Robbins

"Meditations on Madhva" and
"From Madhva to Capra"
by Rajgopal Nidamboor

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Continental Philosophy
phenomenological psychology

Featured essays:

The Unconscious is Structured 
Like a City: Freud, Lacan, and the Project of the Human Sciences
by Peter Caws

R. D. Laing and 
the Politics of Diagnosis
by Daniel Burston

Scientia Media, Incommensurability, and Interdisciplinary Space
by Brent Dean Robbins

Freud the Feminist?
by Suzanne Brom


Psychoanalysis Pages

A Brief History of Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis and Related links 
(under construction)

The Theorists
Sigmund Freud
Anna Freud
Carl Jung
Alfred Adler
Otto Rank
Wilhelm Reich
Harry Stack Sullivan
R. D. Laing
Medard Boss
Sandor Ferenczi 
Melanie Klein
Wilfred Bion
W. R. D. Fairbairn
D. W. Winnicott
Michael Balint
John Bowlby
Harry Guntrip 
Erik Erikson
Heinz Kohut
Daniel Stern
Robert Stolorow 
Otto Kernberg 
Roy Schafer
Hans Loewald
Jacques Lacan
Erich Fromm
Frieda Fromm-Reichmann
Karen Horney
Nancy Chodorow
Jessica Benjamin
Luce Irigaray
Julia Kristeva
Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari
David Shapiro 
Norman O. Brown
James Hillman
Jean-Paul Sartre
Abraham Maslow
Viktor Frankl
Rollo May
Carl Rogers
Ludwig Binswanger
Paul Ricouer
Bruno Bettelheim
Patrick Casement 
Irvin Yalom
James Bugental
Ernest Becker
Alan Watts
Ken Wilbur
J. H. van den Berg
Eugene Gendlin
Leslie Greenberg
Louis A. Sass
Thomas Szasz
Herbert Marcuse
Karl Abraham
Glen O. Gabbard
Karl Jaspers
Christopher Bollas
Merton Gill
Jay Greenberg
Heinz Hartmann
Irwin Hoffman
Edith Jacobson
Betty Joseph
Frank Lachmann
Edgar Levenson
Thomas Ogden
Adam Phillips
Fred Pine
Heinrich Racker
Joseph Sandler
Harold Seales
Donald Spence
Fritz Perls
Milton Erickson

Links in Psychoanalysis and Related Topics [under construction]

When you've had your chance to visit, venture forth, my friend!

The Psychotic Dr. Schreber

A page dedicated to Dr. Paul Emil Schreber, the world-famous German judge and psychotic, author of "Memoirs of My Mental Illness." 

Janus Head

Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts. Co-edited by Victor Barbetti, Claire Cowan-Barbetti, and I. Go to the links page to get back here.

Prospective Duquesne Psychology Students

I get quite a bit of e-mail inquiring about the psychology graduate program at Duquesne University. This page is for you.

Myth & Metaphor

Drawing on the thought of thinkers such as Carl Jung, Levi-Strauss, Cassirer, Joseph Campbell and James Hillman, this page is dedictated to the exploration of myth & metaphor.

Introduction to Psychology

Syllabus, class notes and other materials for the Psych 101 class I teach at Duquesne University.

Systematic Psychology

Another class I teach at Duquesne, which deals with the history and systems of psychology. You'll find some great links here.

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Featured Items

Books of the Month:

The Interpretation of Dreams
by Sigmund Freud

Cassandra's Daughter:
A History of Psychoanalysis
by Joseph Schwartz

The Jungians:
A Comparative and Historical Perspective
by Thomas B. Kirsch & Peter Homas

Heinz Kohut:
The Making of a Psychoanalyst
by Charles B. Strozier

Promises, Promises:
Essays on Psychoanalysis 
and Literature
by Adam Phillips

To Redeem One Person is to Redeem the World:
The Life of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann
by Gail A. Hornstein

Carl Jung:
Wounded Healer of the Soul
by Clare Dunne

Jung and the Alchemical Imagination
by Jeffrey Raff


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