Wilhelm Reich

"To comprehend the purpose and meaning of life, one must above all love life and become totally submerged in the turmoil of living...he who understands the sheer experience of living will, by the same token, understand the theory of life."
-Wilhelm Reich

Public Orgonomic Research Exchange
Another Orgone Research Laboratory (AORL)
Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy
WR: Mysteries of the Organism
Critical Evaluation of the Life Energy Research of Wilhelm Reich (Orgone Theory)
Introduction to Orgonomy, Pore, and Wilhelm Reich
The Wilhelm Reich Museum
"The Wilhelm Reich Story" by John-Michael Battaglia
"Wilhelm Reich (a short biography)" by Joe Ledue
"Motivation for Therapy: Two Cases" by Peter A. Crist
"Medical Orgone Therapy of a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" by Peter A. Crist
"The Function of Independence" by Robert A. Harman
"The Acute Schizophrenic Psychosis" by Charles Konia
"Somatic Biopathies: Part I" by Charles Konia
"An Orally Repressed Phallic Character with Anxiety" by Gary A. Karpf
"Stuttering" by Richard Schwartzman
"Medical Orgone Therapy with Children" by Dale G. Rosin
"The Chronic Depressive Character" by Elsworth F. Baker
"Interview with Morton Herskowitz" by Beate Freihold
"Interview with Robert McCullough" by Joachim Trettin
"When Eagles Fly: a play in two acts" by Martin N. Bell
"Bion Development from Red Blood Cells" at Pore
"Microscopy in Orgonomic Research" by Jürgen Wellhausen
"The Holographic Model of Brain Function" by Ignacio E. Ochoa Pacheco
"Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Biophysics" by Juan Schoch
Wilhelm Reich vs USA: Legal Records and News
Chuck Kelly's Radix Newsletter, No. 16, Spring/Summer 1998
"...Measurement of Temperatures inside ORACs and Dummies" by U. T. Ludemann
"Compass-Measurement of the Magnetic Field of an ORAC" by Ernst Niedermeier
"HAARP: Vandalism in the Sky?" By Nich Begich and Jeane Manning
"How far 'draws' your cloudbuster ?" by Hans Hasenjäger
"How to Build an Orgone Blanket or Pillow" by Pore
"Thermal Images of the ORAC" by Jon East
"Student Discussion with Eva Reich and Bill Moise" by Jamerling Ogg
"Subtle Energy Work: Basics" by Nick Totton
"Radiesthetic Studies on Orgone Generators" by Hans Hasenjäger
"Wild and Prescribed Fire in Forests of the Intermountain West " by Joy Belsky
"World Charter for Nature" by the United Nations in 1982
"Ancient Triggers of Orgone Energy" by Steven Hastings Paige
Dr. Herskowitz Lecture in Germany, December 1993
"The Cosmic Pulse of Wilhelm Reich" by Nina Silver
Cloudbusting and Other Controversy With James Demeo
A Field Guide to Body Work: A Conversation With Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D.
"A Connection Between Orgone Energy and Heat?" by D. Marett
"The Effect of Tesla Coil Radiation on the Orgone Accumulator" by D. Marett
"The Luminiferous Aether" by D. Marett
"Visualization of the Planetary Orgone Flow" by D. Marett
"Meteorological Functions in Modified Vacuum Orgone (VACOR) Tubes" by D. Marett
"The Geiger-Mueller Effect of the Orgone - Revisited" by D. Marett
"Evolution, Biology and Psychology from a Marxist Point of View" by Robert M. Young
Brazilian Institute of Biosynthesis
Embodied-Relational Therapy
The International Institute for Bioenergenic Analysis
Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy
The American College of Orgonomy
Core Energetics
The Bliss Factor
Optimum Life Force
Theories of the Aether
Reich's grave from L.J. Hurst


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