Jacques Lacan

"Desire is the central point or crux of the entire economy we deal with in analysis. If we fail to take it into account, we are necessarily led to adopt as our only guide what is symbolized by the term 'reality,' a reality existing in a social context."

"An interpretation whose effects one understands is not a psychoanalytic interpretation."

"The analyst asks neither that the subject get better nor that he become normal; the analyst requires nothing, imposes nothing. He is there so that the subject may gain access to the truth of his desire, his own desire, and not so that he may respond to the Other's demand."

"All speech is demand. Every demand [is] a request for love."


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"The agency of the letter in the unconscious or reason since Freud" by Jacques Lacan
"Seminar on The Purloined Letter" by Jacques Lacan
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"Mathemes de Lacan" by Jaques Siboni
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Clinical Studies: International Journal of Psychoanalysis
"Jacques Lacan" by Mary Klages
"Introduction to Lacan" by Donald Callen
"Lacan Lecture 1: Lacan and Deconstruction" by Tom Davis
"Lacan Lecture 2: Lacan" by Tom Davis
"Freud Dora Lacan" by Tom Davis
"Lacan on the Subject of Signification" by Earl Jackson, Jr.
"Jerry Everard's Introduction to Lacan" by Jerry Everard
"The Nature of the Self" by Dougie Bicket
"The Purloined Letter" by Edgar Allan Poe
"Breaking the (Post)Code: A Hypertext Exploration of Freud, Lacan, and Derrida" by Hamilton Carroll
"Post-Modernizing Psychoanalysis" by Marike Finlay de Monchy
"A Brief History of Psychoanalytic Thought" by Brent Dean Robbins
"The Paranoid-Schizoid and Depressive Positions in the Psychogenesis of the Self" by Brent Dean Robbins
"Lacan" by Michael Terry
"Sexuality" by R. Richmond
"Fragrant Theory: The Sweet Scent of Signifiers" by Ros Minsky
"Lacan's Imaginary Prisoner Game" by Charles Heinemann
"Lacan and Postmodern Materialism" by Amy James
"Mapping the Terrain of Theoretical Anti-Humanism" by Sean Homer
"Poststructuralist Paraesthetics and the Phantasy of the Reversal of Generations" by Vadim Linetski
"The Vicissitudes of Hermeneutic Desire in the Space of the Perfect Mu/Order" by Vadim Linetski
"The Natural Beauty of Deconstruction" by Vadim Linetski
"Angst Ohne Vorbild: Towards Zero Degree of Intertextuality" by Vadim Linetski
"The Function of the Phallus: Lolita and/as Children's Fiction" by Vadim Linetski
"Being Language: The Spoken Rituals of Subjectivity" by Derek Harrison Bambach
"From Bridal Bier to Death Bed: Woolf's Rejection of the Beautiful Death" by Michelle Bollard Toby
"The Subject of the Body" by Paul Verhaeghe
"Lacan and Language: The Dialectic of Das Ding" (abstract) by Janet Lucas
"Transversing the Fantasy: The Psychotic Cure" (abstract) by Janet Lucas
"Reading the Memoirs: Schreber and 'False' Representation" by Janet Lucas
"Fantasy and the Time of the object a: A Lacanian Meditation" by Troels Degn Johansson
"Representations of Subjectivity in Not Representations of Subjectivity in Not Being Miriam" by Valerie Spence
"Babe and the End of Analysis" by Anna Shane
"Why the Photographer Does not See: Lacan, the Objet Petit a and the Gaze in Antonioni's Blow-up" by Michael Brown
"Modern Film Theory and Its Postmodern Psychoanalytic Critique -- with Roland Barthes" by Troels Degn Johansson
"Of Paranoid and Metanoia: Lessons for Peacemakers from the Teachings of Jacques Lacan" by Howard Richards
"Hermann Hesse's Theory of National Socialism in 'Der Steppenwolf'" by Franz Wegener
"Real Virtuality: Slavoj Zizek and 'Post-Ideological' Ideology'" by James S. Hurley
"Bodily Mut(il)ation: Enscribing Lesbian Desire" by Penelope Engelbrecht
"Jameson's Lacan" by Steven Helmling
"What is Modesty?" by J. & M. Morenon
"Political Action and the Unconscious: Arendt and Lacan on Decentering the Subject" by Frederick M. Dolan
"Review of Micaela Janan's When the Lamp is Shattered: Desire and Narrative in Catullus" by Diane Jorge
"Reading Asante's Myth of Afrocentricity: An Ideological Critique" by James Palermo
"'The Barge She Sat In'": Psychoanalysis and Syntactic Choices" by Norman N. Holland
"Trouble(s) with Lacan" by Norman N. Holland
"Lacan Looks at Hill and Hears His Name Spoken" by S. Brent Plate
"History and the Real: Foucault with Lacan" by Charles Shepherdson
"The Certainty of Hysteria" by Eric Laurent
"The Uses of Fantasy" by Eric Laurent
"Sexuality and Psychoanalysis" by Raquel Zak Goldstein
"Psychoanalysis at the End of the 20th Century" by Elisabeth Roudinesco
"Theology After Lacan? A Psychoanalytic Approach to Theological Discourse" by Jürgen Braungardt
"Dreaming the Square Root of -1 (Lacan and Space-Time Relativity)" by Daniel du Prie
"On the Lost Highway: Lynch and Lacan, Cinema and Cultural Pathology" by Bernd Herzogenrath
"Bonjour, Monsieur Lacan" by Jean-Michel Rabaté
"Perversion as the Jouissance of The Woman in 'The Dead': Joyce, Lacan and Fucking the Other" by E. Ivan Trujillo
"Psychosis in a Cyberspace Age" by Sheila Kunkle
"Antonioni's The Passenger as Lacanian Text" by Jack Turner
"The Jouissance of the Other and The Prohibition of Incest: A Lacanian Perspective" by Judith Feher Guervich
"Death Drive's Joy Ride: David Cronenberg's Crash" by Manuel Camblor
"Autism and the Weight of Words" by Yasmine Grasser
"Believe or Not" by Michael Turnheim
"Seminar on "The Purloined Letter"
"Lacan's Seminar on the Purloined Letter" by Michelle Michnick
"Seminar on the Purloined Letter" by Stephanie Morris
"Seminar on the Purloined Letter" by Miranda Morrow
"Psychoanalysis and Literature" by German L. Garcia
"If looks could kill! Woman and the mirror: what do they tell us about the feminine self and anorexia?" by G. Shipton
"Solo (Prelude)" by Lynn Crawford
"Tough Love: An Introduction to Fran&ccediloise Dolto's When Parents Separate" by Sherry Turkle
"Tommy, The Anatomy of a Trauma" by Bruce Fink
"Useful Fictions" by Charlie Bertsch
"The Worst Perversion" by Stuart Schneiderman
"A Camille for the Nineties" by Deborah Drier
Gaze-bo, Videbo—I Shall See—" by Paolo Berdini
"Never, Will I Stoop to Wanting Anything Else" by Renata Salecl
"Telecan: Tianamen" by Catherine Liu
"The Subject Defined by Suffrage" by Joan Copjec
"The Ethics of Hysteria and of Psychoanalysis" by Vincente Palomera
"L'Amour intellectuel de Dieu: Lacan's Spinozism and Religious Revival in Recent French Thought" by Douglas Collins
"When Lacan Met Harry and Sally"
"Psychoanalysis, the Self, and Historical Interpretation" by Lynn Hunt
"Poststructuralism and Culture: Lacan Meets Hitchcock (On A Train)" by Greg Matherly
"Desire and Drive in Movies" by Warren Sack
"Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality: A Conversation with Slavoj Zizek" by Geert Lovink
"On the Couch with Beavis and Butthead" by Jeff Schwartz
"Masculine excess and the metaphorics of vision: some problems of feminist film theory" by Zoe Sofia
"Three Poems" by Quincy Troupe
"Angel Atrapado X" by John Yau
"Why Does a Letter Always Arrive at Its Destination?" by Slavoj Zizek
"In His Bold Gaze My Ruin is Writ Large" by Slavoj Zizek
"You May!" by Slojak Zizek
"'Woman is one of the names-of-the-father': How Not to Misread Lacan's Formulas of Sexuation" by Slavoj Zizek
"Against the Double Black Mail" by Slavoj Zizek
"Desire: Drive = Truth: Knowledge" by Slavoj Zizek
"From Joyce-the-Symptom to the Symptom of Power" by Slavoj Zizek
"The Lesbian Session" by Slavoj Zizek
"Kant and Sade: The Ideal Couple" by Slavoj Zizek
"Multiculturalism..." by Slavok Zizek
"Negotiating the Universe of Discourse: The Topology of Hypertext" by Hanjo Berressem
"The Three" by Adrian Dannatt
"A Mall Melodrama: or How the Ambassadors Became 'Storm the Doors'" by Peggy Phelan
"Ethics in the Cure" by Colette Soler
"A Lemon" by Elaine Equi
"My Inflatable You" by Daniel Pinchbeck
"What Remains" by Max Blagg
"Ethics in Psychoanalysis" by Jacques-Alain Miller
"Love's Labyrinths" by Jacques-Alain Miller
"Reflections on the Formal Envelope of the Symptom" by Jacques-Alain Miller
"Mathematics on Lacan's Couch" by Tony Brown, Tansy Hardy and Dave Wilson
"Subjectivity Lacanian Style"
"Is Oedipus On-line?" by Jerry Aline Flieger
"Jacques-Alain Miller's Perversion" by Josefina Ayerza
"Rena Grant" by Josefina Ayerza
"So She Unfolds" by Josefina Ayerza
"Hidden Prohibitions and the Pleasure Principle: Interview with Slavoj Zizek" by Josefina Ayerza
"It Doesn't Have to Be a Jew...: Interview with Slavoj Zizek" by Josefina Ayerza
"Art, Pornography, and the Power of Seduction: Interview with Stuart Schneiderman" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Julia Kristeva" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Richard Rorty" by Josefina Ayerza
"More Hyseria, Please: Interview with Richard Foreman" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Donald Baechler" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Ashley Bickerton" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Maureen Connor" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Wim Delvoye" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Sue Williams" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Susan Etkin" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Jane Hammond" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with David Salle" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Silvia Kolbowski" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Charles Long" by Josephina Ayerza
"Interview with Cheri Samba" by Josephina Ayerza
"Interview with Jonathan Lasker" by Josephina Ayerza with Lynn Crawford
"Interview with Julio Galan" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Mary Kelly" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Guillermo Kuitca" by Josefina Ayerza
"Interview with Meyer Vaisman" by Josefina Ayerza
"Gian Marcos Montesano" by Josefina Ayerza
"Ai no Korrida: The Cutting Edge of Feminine Eroticism" by Fabien Tremeau
"From the Suburbanite" by Richard Foreman
"Preface" by Raphael Rubinstein
"Cuarto 105" by Raphael Rubinstein
"The Not All" Darian Leader
"The Borderline Dilemma in Paris, Texas: Psychoanalytic Approaches to Sam Shepard" by Donald R. Carveth
"Trouble in River City, or Lacan's 'The Agency of the letter in the unconscious'" by Andrew M. Gordon"
"Screening the I' of the Camera" by Daniel Herwitz
"The Tragic Ear of the Intellectual: Lacan" by Peter Starr
"Psychoanalysis and Film Study in the 1990's" by Krin Gabbard
"In Quest of the Oulipo" by Harry Mathews
"Lacanian Resources for Organizational Consulting" by Mark Bracher
"Cybernetics Equals Psychoanalysis" by Zenon Kelper
"Spinning the Wheel" by Zenon Kelper
"Setting of an Ecological Platform" by Zenon Kelper
"The Mirror Stage" by Carl Steadman
"Zen and Lacan" by Peter Bishop
"Gender, Ethnicity, and Self-Representation"
"How Particular Lacanian Notions Might Be Helpful for Evaluating Teacher Competences..." by Atkinson and Moore
"In the Picture But Out of Place: The Lacanian Gaze Again" by Rico Franses
"Reading Verbal and Visual Instances of Michelangelo through Lacan" by Raphy Sarkissian
"Mirroring Nations" by Michael Gerard Maranda
"Notes Toward a Sonic Aesthetic: Wallace Stevens' 'The Comedian as the Letter C'" by Daniel Anderson
"Interview with Wolfgang Staehle" by Jan Avgikos
"The Reciprocal Creation" by R. D. Dufour
"Dueling Paradigms: Modernist vs Postmodern Thought" by Dragan Milovanovic
"Nymphomania" by Annalee Newitz
"Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity" by Alan D. Sokal
After the Sokal Affair
"Call It Steve" by Earl Jackson, Jr.
The Writings of Howard Richards
Postmodernism and Art History by John Haber
"What's Knot to Like?" by Adrianne Wortzel
"Lacan as Midrashist, Biblical Scholar, and Theologian"
"Being in Thought"
"The Body in Cyberspace"
"L'Origine du Monde" (painting) by Gustave Courbet
"Psychoanalytic Theory: Terms and Concepts" by John Lye
"Psychoanalysis and Literature" by John Lye
"Otherness in Advertising"
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by Jacques Lacan, Alan Sheridan (Translator)
Our Price: $12.76

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan : Book I : Freud's Papers on Technique 1953-1954
by Jacques Alain Miller, Jacques Alain-Miller, John Forrester (Translator), Sylvana Tomaselli (Translator)
Our Price: $16.95

The Seminar of Jacques Lacan : Book II : The Ego in Freud's Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis 1954-1955
by Jacques Alain-Miller, John Forrester (Translator), Sylvana Tomaselli (Translator)
Our Price: $14.36

The Psychoses 1955-1956 (Seminar of Jacques Lacan (Paper), Bk 3)
by Jacques-Alain Miller (Editor), Russell Grigg (Translator), Jacques Lacan
Our Price: $15.16

The Ethics of Psychoanalysis 1959-1960 (Seminar of Jacques Lacan (Paper), Bk 7)
by Jacques Lacan, Dennis Porter (Translator), Jacques-Alain Miller (Editor)
Our Price: $16.11

The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis (The Seminar of Jacques Lacan , Book 11)
by Jacques Lacan
Our Price: $14.36

The Language of the Self: The Function of Language in Psychoanalysis
by Jacques Lacan, Anthony Wilden (Translator)
Our Price: $16.95

On Feminine Sexuality, the Limits of Love and Knowledge: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XX, Encore
by Jacques Lacan, Jacques-Alain Miller (Editor), Bruce Fink (Translator)
Our Price: $12.76

Feminine Sexuality
by Juliet Mitchell (Editor), Jacques Lacan
Our Price: $11.86

A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis : Theory and Technique
by Bruce Fink
Our Price: $36.50

The Lacanian Subject : Between Language and Jouissance
by Bruce Fink
Our Price: $39.50

Reading Seminars I and II : Lacan's Return to Freud (Suny Series in Psychoanalysis and Culture)
by Richard Feldstein (Editor), Bruce Fink (Editor), Maire Jaanus (Editor)
Our Price: $17.56

Reading Seminar XI : Lacan's Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis
by Richard Feldstein (Editor), Bruce Fink (Editor), Maire Jaanus (Editor)
Our Price: $17.56

The Clinical Lacan (The Lacanian Clinical Field)
by Joel Dor, Judith Feher Gurewich (Editor), Susan Fairfield (Editor)
Our Price: $15.26

Cogito and the Unconscious (Sic , Vol 2)
by Slavoj Zizek (Editor)
Our Price: $18.95

Enjoy Your Symptom! : Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and Out
by Slavoj Zizek
Our Price: $21.99

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan (But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock)
by Slavoj Zizek (Editor)
Our Price: $19.00

Looking Awry : An Introduction to Jacques Lacan Through Popular Culture
by Slavoj Zizek
Our Price: $17.50

Tarrying With the Negative : Kant, Hegel, and the Critique of Ideology (Post-Contemporary Interventions)
by Slavoj Zizek
Our Price: $18.95

The Zizek Reader
by Slavoj Zizek, Elizabeth Wright (Editor), Edmund Wright (Editor)
Our Price: $24.95

Dire Mastery : Discipleship from Freud to Lacan
by Francois Roustang, Ned Lukacher (Translator)
Our Price: $7.50 + $7.50 special surcharge

Disseminating Lacan (Suny Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy)
by David Pettigrew (Editor), Francois Raffoul (Editor)
Our Price: $19.95

Essays on the Pleasures of Death : From Freud to Lacan
by Ellie Ragland Sullivan
Our Price: $20.99

Ethics of the Real : Kant and Lacan
by Alenka Zupancic, Borut Zupancic
Our Price: $18.70

Does the Woman Exist? : From Freud's Hysteria to Lacan's Feminine
by Paul Verhaeghe, Marc Du Ry (Translator)
Our Price: $22.00

Five Lessons on the Psychoanalytic Theory of Jacques Lacan (Suny Series in Psychoanalysis and Culture)
by Juan-David Nasio, David Pettigrew (Translator), franc Raffoul, Francois Raffoul (Translator)
Our Price: $19.95

Hysteria from Freud to Lacan: The Splendid Child of Psychoanalysis (The Lacanian Clinical Field)
by Juan-David Nasio, Paul H. Ornstein
Our Price: $17.95

Hitchcock's Bi-Textuality : Lacan, Feminisms, and Queer Theory (Suny Series in Psychoanalysis)
by Robert Samuels
Our Price: $19.95

Introducing Lacan
by Darian Leader, Judy Groves (Illustrator), Richard Appignanesi (Editor)
Our Price: $8.76

Jacques Lacan (European Perspectives)
by Elisabeth Roudinesco, Barbara Bray (Translator)
Our Price: $19.50

Jacques Lacan : The Death of an Intellectual Hero
by Stuart Schneiderman
Our Price: $15.00

Jacques Lacan and the Adventure of Insight : Psychoanalysis in Contemporary Culture
by Shoshana Felman
Our Price: $15.95

The Klein-Lacan Dialogue
by Bernard Burgoyne (Editor), E. Mary Sullivan (Editor)
Our Price: $16.11

by Malcolm Bowie
Our Price: $16.00

Lacan : The Absolute Master
by Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen, Douglas Brick (Translator)
Our Price: $16.11

Lacan and the Matter of Origins
by Shuli Barzilai
Our Price: $16.96

Lacan for Beginners (Writers and Readers Beginners Documentary Comic Book)
by Philip Hill, David Leach (Illustrator)
Our Price: $8.80

Lacan, Discourse, and Social Change : A Psychoanalytic Cultural Criticism
by Mark Bracher
Our Price: $15.95

Lacanian Psychotherapy with children: the broken piano
by Catherine Mathelin
Our Price: $17.95

Levinas and Lacan : The Missed Encounter (Suny Series in Psychoanalysis and Culture)
by Sarah Harasym (Introduction)
Our Price: $21.95

The Other Side of Desire : Lacan's Theory of the Registers (Suny Series in Psychoanalysis and Culture)
by Tamise Van Pelt
Our Price: $16.11

Psychoanalytic Politics : Jacques Lacan and Freud's French Revolution (Critical Perspectives)
by Sherry Turkle
Our Price: $16.11

Reading Lacan
by Jane Gallop (Introduction)
Our Price: $15.95

Resistances of Psychoanalysis (Meridian (Stanford, Calif.).)
by Jacques Derrida, Pascale-Anne Brault (Translator), Michael B. Naas (Translator)
Our Price: $12.71

Returns of the 'French Freud' : Freud, Lacan, and Beyond
by Todd Dufresne (Editor)
Our Price: $20.99

Rhetoric and Culture in Lacan (Literature, Culture, Theory ; 18)
by Gilbert D. Chaitin
Our Price: $19.95

The Subject and the Self: Lacan and American Psychoanalysis
by Judith Feher Gurewich (Editor), Michel Tort (Editor), Susan Fairfield (Editor)
Our Price: $22.00

Writings on Psychoanalysis : Freud and Lacan (European Perspectives)
by Louis Althusser, Olivier Corpet (Editor), Francois Matheron (Editor)
Our Price: $31.00

An Introductory Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis
by Dylan Evans
Our Price: $27.99

Jacques Lacan : A Feminist Introduction
by Elizabeth Grosz
Our Price: $19.99

The Lost Cause of Rhetoric : The Relation of Rhetoric and Geometry in Aristotle and Lacan
by David Metzger
Our Price: $31.95

The Myth of the Other : Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze, Bataille (Postmodern Positions, Vol 7)
by Franco Rella, Nelson Moe (Translator)
Our Price: $11.95

The Seductions of Psychoanalysis : Freud, Lacan and Derrida (Cambridge Studies in French)
by John Forrester
Our Price: $21.95


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