by Brent Dean Robbins

TOP 10 FILMS OF 1999

[ Magnolia ]

1. Magnolia [purchase soundtrack, score, script, VHS/DVD]
2. Limbo [purchase DVD, VHS, soundtrack]
3. Eyes Wide Shut  [purchase DVD, VHS, soundtrack, soundtrack collection, book, screenplay]
4. The Matrix   [purchase script, DVD, VHS, soundtrack, score]
5. American Beauty  [purchase DVD, VHS, score, soundtrack, script]
6. Fight Club   [purchase DVD, VHS, book, score]
7. The Red Violin   [purchase VHS, DVD, soundtrack]
8. Election   [purchase DVD, VHS, book, soundtrack]
9. Being John Malkovich   [purchase DVD, VHS]
10. Run Lola Run   [purchase DVD, VHS, soundtrack]

Honorable Mentions:

The Cruise   [purchase VHS]
Julien Donkey-Boy
Bowfinger[purchase DVD, VHS, soundtrack]
The Sixth Sense   [purchase DVD, VHS, soundtrack]
American Pie   [purchase DVD, VHS, soundtrack]
Man on the Moon   [purchase soundtrack, DVD/video]
Go[purchase soundtrack, DVD, VHS]
Analyze This   [purchase VHS, DVD]
Ravenous[purchase VHS, DVD, soundtrack]
The Negotiator   [purchase DVD, VHS]
Star Wars: Phantom Menace   [purchase VHS, book, art book, soundtrack, game]
The Straight Story
The Insider
Boys Don't Cry
American Movie
South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
Sleepy Hollow
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Galaxy Quest
Office Space
Bringing Out the Dead
Girl, Interrupted
The Ninth Gate
The Virgin Suicides
Summer of Sam

Still to See:
Toy Story 2; Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother); The Iron Giant; October Sky; Sunshine; We de fu qin mu qin;
Beyond the Mat; Fantasia 2000; Yi ge dou bu neng hunde (In China They Eat Dogs); Topsy-Turvy;
Jing ke ci qin wang (The Assassin); The Boondock Saints; The Hurricane; Titus; Farscape;
La Fille sur le pont (Girl on the Bridge); The Talented Mr. Ripley; Entrapment; Arlington Road; 10 Things I Hate About You; Stir of Echoes; The Limey; An Ideal Husband; Cookie's Fortune; Sweet & Lowdown; The End of the Affair


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