by Brent Dean Robbins

TOP 10 FILMS OF 1998


1. Life is Beautiful   [purchase soundtrack, VHS, or DVD]
2.  Shakespeare in Love   [purchase soundtrack, VHS, or DVD]
3.  PI   [purchase VHS or DVD]
4.  American History X   [purchase VHS or DVD]
5.  Croupier
6.  Men with Guns   [purchase VHS]
7.  The Butcher Boy   [purchase soundtrack, book or VHS]
8.  The Spanish Prisoner   [purchase VHS or DVD]
9.  The Thin Red Line   [purchase soundtrack, book, VHS, or DVD]
10.  Gods and Monsters   [purchase soundtrack, VHSor DVD]


There's Something About Mary   [purchase soundtrack, VHS or DVD]
Saving Private Ryan   [purchase soundtrack, novel, picture book, VHS or DVD]
Happiness   [purchase VHS or DVD]
A Simple Plan   [purchase soundtrack, book, VHS or DVD]
Pleasantville   [purchase soundtrack, score, VHS or DVD]
The Truman Show   [purchase soundtrack, screenplay, VHS or DVD]
Rounders    [purchase book, screenplay, VHS or DVD]
Waking Ned Devine   [purchase soundtrack, book, VHS or DVD]
Buffalo '66   [purchase soundtrack, VHS or DVD]
Elizabeth   [purchase soundtrack, VHS or DVD]
Rushmore   [purchase soundtrack, screenplay, VHS or DVD]
Great Expectations   [purchase soundtrack, score, book, VHS or DVD]
The Big Lebowski
What Dreams May Come
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
The Prince of Egypt

Still to See:
Festen (The Celebration); Fucking Amal (Show Me Love); Eddie Izzard: Dress to Kill;
Central do Brasil (Central Station); Crna macka, beli macor (Black Cat, White Cat);
Amantes del Círculo Polar, Los (The Lovers from the North Pole);
Vie rêvée des anges, La (The Dreamlife of Angels); Wandafuru raifu (After Life); When Trumpets Fade;
Elizabeth; Get Real; Troops; Dîner de cons, Le (The Dinner Game); Train de vie (Train of Life);
Dark City; Ringu (The Ring); Ronin; Sliding Doors; Ever After; Mulan; Zero Effect; Playing By Heart;
Simon Birch; Les Miserables


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