Erwin Straus (1891-1975)


"...the consciousness of the individual person unfolds as the experience of his own inner history. Every single moment is a phase in his historical becoming. Everything coming into consciousness in a specific moment is determined by how it fits into the course of this becoming or how it arrests or runs counter to it. Everything attention lays hold of, is present and is now. But this Now is the Now of the inner life-history, whose progress in becoming is not measurable by the standard of objective time."


Straus, a German born neurologist, psychiatrist, and philosopher, was a member of the inner circle of the European movement of anthropological and phenomenological psychiatry. This group was dedicated to combatting mechanistic and physicalistic viewpoints in psychiatry, and establishing a broad philosophical conception of man's existence. Straus declared his personal allegiance to the defense of a holistic view of the human person, with respect for the autonomy and dignity of the individual. These ethical issues permeate and animate his psychological writings.


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